Friday, May 28, 2010

in which kayleigh becomes a downer

you know those days where you feel like you can do anything? like "the sky's the limit"? yes, i just used a cliche.

like working out is going to actually help you get fit.
like that cute guy will fall for you. or that one. or two. let's have options.
like you have so much to learn in a day, and not enough time to do it.

yeah. today's not one of those days.

although: if my life were like a chick flick, where only good things happen to me, there would have been dancing last night while this song played in the background.

but just chattin'
while a monstrous wall of scary clouds
covered the sunset was cool, too.


Jeff and Sarah said...

In which Kayleigh acts like eeyore

Whitney Leigh said...

^^^ hahaha thanks for noticin' me.