Saturday, May 29, 2010

and they might come true

dreams are funny things.

mine always seem to be emotionally charged to the nth.

i had a dream a few days ago starring two issues in my life i'm apparently conflicted over.
last night i dreamt about penguins, peacocks, and panda bears. [alliteration? yes please.]

i saved one of the panda bears on the stairs from hell. i put it in my coat. then a random police man yelled at me.

i had a dream when i was fifteen about a rollercoaster and hota hota my friend.
i used to have nightmares about e.t. and aliens.

i wish what i dreamt would become reality.
then i wake up and remember what real reality is like.
sometimes it's bad. but sometimes it's better.

this is a french peacock from a zoo in france.
not unlike the peacock i dreamt about.


Brett said...

were those pandas by any chance similar to a panda express car or two?

Ashley said...

I'm totally scared of e.t. too! Those were definitely legitimate nightmares. Did you take the picture of the peacock in France? I know you've been there...

Kayleigh said...

BAAAH! brett, it probably was! that's where it came from.

yeah, i took the pic, ashley. :) i miss france. love it. and you.

Whitney Leigh said...

*flash back to when I bombed your phone with the same E.T. gif hundreds of times.*