Tuesday, April 27, 2010

to today:

there was a lot of promise when i woke up at 5 'o clock this morning.

that promise quickly left as i thought about things. as i walked into work having my boss tell me that the hours i expected to work during the summer to keep me alive were going to be cut down. as i cleaned bathrooms in desperation, feeling like working was the only thing keeping me alive. as i came home only to find no job postings online. as the manager of our complex told me that i had forgotten to transfer the utilities over, and now there's no hot water. i can't wash the cleaning bathrooms, the things, the job hours off.

insult. to. injury.

please note that i will have a better post later. this is just thoughts exploding through the keyboard.

1 comment:

Whitney Leigh said...

crappy day, huh? Sorry 2010 Kayleigh. :(