Monday, April 12, 2010

cryptic stinging fingers

my fingers are stinging as i type this.
i've been learning the guitar for the past hour and can almost successfully play amazing grace. the d chord gets me every time.

then she came in.
there was no reason for her to say what she said.

it's been a week of break-ups. just one, really.
[the one that we all thought would work out.]
and i'd heard it before.
but when she (not the break-upee) told me straight up
what she thought about what i'd heard this is cryptic, i know
i found it unnecessary.

because she doesn't know.
she doesn't know all that went into what i'd heard.
the process: the thoughts: the talks: the ducks
she doesn't know.

straight up, there was no reason to judge.
ignorance to a situation most definitely doesn't make you an expert on it.
or him.