Sunday, April 11, 2010

chasing butterflies

I just read something that struck me as beautiful.
And whether you think it's beautiful or not, that's fine.
This blog is for beautiful things, and if you don't think they're beautiful
I'll convert you. Somehow. *sneaky smile*

"I miss you. I was remembering that day a thousand years ago when all those butterflys were everywhere and we and the kids were chasing them."

I was one of those kids, by the way.
And the idea that I used to chase butterflies is lovely.

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Whitney Leigh said...

the idea is beautiful....

But this summer, I was laying out by the pool and this MASSIVE monarch butterfly kamikazied me and I fell off my tanning chair and screamed bloody murder and after it was gone and I regained composure this lady next to my was like, "Oh my gosh! What did you think that was?!" and I was like, "...a butterfly..."

So, really. I don't know how much beauty I find in butterflies. At least in the near vicinity.