Saturday, February 6, 2010

special: indeed

i find something beautiful about leafless, winter trees. their silhouette against blue sky is so graceful looking; the black, unpredictable lines.

i'm sitting here at my kitchen table at home (not provo home, but home home) looking outside at a naked tree. what's especially lovely about this tree is that i can see the shapes of the buds forming; the buds that will eventually turn into blossoms, turning into green leaves. another kind of hope.

it's been a great and unproductive, sweat pants, big bang theory, mat kearney, rainy saturday.

hope yours was as delightful as mine!


E.m.K. said...

It was a lovely day! I even wore shorts for a few minutes. But it was still too cold for that, sadly. It didn't last long.

And please please please, how do you make those photo/title banners you use on your blog?

Jaron said...

why are you so absolutely adorable!! love your blog and your face. your posts make me happy :)

Ashley said...

I love leafless tree's too! They are especially beautiful after a night of fog--- all of the moisture freezes on then they're perfectly frosted; you can see every detail! You should come to Logan and see them because it's foggy here quite often.

Whitney Leigh said...

But you hate winter in January and February.


Also- those buds are screwed because Utah always destroys Spring's first attempt.