Tuesday, February 2, 2010


lest my readers (all five of you) think that i've fallen into a big whirlpool of emo-like posts, here's a post that might break up the dolefulness of my blog lately. for the sake of my own sanity, though, i will no doubt go back to emo when the fancy suits me.


how beautiful is the word hope? simple in its syntax, yet evokes so many deep channeled, untangible emotion.


i recently didn't think i had much hope. silly, yes i still am trying to figure out how to include and find hope in my day to day existence, but it's there. in the form of the month of february au revoir, janvier

of my roommate, becs. of music

of president uchtdorf and the talk that i've listened to probably seven times since yesterday

there are many reasons to have hope. yes. i need to remind myself of that.

hey becs. if you ever need anything, i've probably got it in my backpack.


Jaron said...

I LOVE you and your blog! :) ps you have more than five readers you have 13!! stay positive i love ya! ps. if you go to europe you better invite me.

Whitney Leigh said...

I need a million dollars. Do you have THAT in your backpack? And can I have it.?