Thursday, February 18, 2010

here's a question

do actions really speak louder than words?

i love words.
i love speaking.
i think sometimes i love listening to myself talk thankfully no one has told me that so i have such an impossible time comprehending how the way a person acts can make more of an impact than any words can.

enlighten me, s'il vous plait.


Ashley said...

This is a complicated question. Unfortunately, I think actions are sometimes a better reflection of what a person is really thinking. For example, when a guy says, "Yeah, we should go out sometime" and then he never calls, he is usually communicating that he doesn't really want to go out. On a more positive note, when a guy says, "I love you" and then he does things to support his statement of love: listening to you, asking you questions about your day, helping you with your math homework, buying you flowers, taking you out on cute dates... Then his actions speak louder than his words because he's proving it to you. Does this make any sense? Speaking words is action--- when a person consciousy chooses to say something, or put words down in a letter, they had to choose to do so. Ha ha that was fun, good question! It was fun to think about.

Jeff and Sarah said...

Well said Ashley. Words are easy to say, but actions require more effort, therefore saying you are worth the effort. That is not to say that words are not important, but it is the combination or words and actions that have the most meaning. Remember My Fair Lady. She says, she's sick of words, "Show me". We need more than words to feel loved, respected, etc, we need someone to show us too.

Whitney Leigh said...

I like both.... I need to hear it and see it.