Sunday, October 4, 2009

Moment parfait

Do you ever have moments that are just...perfect? Life is full of imperfections, and that's kind of the beautiful thing about it, but when those perfect moments come along--they're pretty fantastic.

For me, it was Wednesday night. I was skimming through my Humanities book and typing down my notes, trying to let something stick in my brain for the upcoming test. He was sitting across from me at the table, eating one of the brownies I had made and studying his French book. He was educating me on music he liked, and after one song had finished, he looked at me and said, "This one is going to blow you away."

I looked at him and kind of kept typing. "Alright," I said, with a smile. When people tell me they want me to listen to a song, I usually give it about thirty seconds, and then I make my decision if I like it or not. So, I was prepared to give it at least a try.

It started, and I stopped typing. I looked blankly at my computer screen. It was the most beautiful song I'd ever heard, and it hit me at such a perfect moment in my life.

I don't know about anybody else, but when I go through different emotions in life, I enjoy finding a song that can explain my emotions better than I can. It's like it completes what I can't complete myself. I'd been trying to look for a song that fit in with the emotions I've been feeling for this boy. Not hard core emotions, but I found myself slowly getting more and more involved (I'm a's what we do).

And when this song started playing...I knew I had found it. The song. I looked up at him looking at his French book, and wondered if maybe he wasn't reading it, but was just looking, like I was just looking at my screen. I wondered if he could kind of feel the tension that was there in my mind. He looked up.

I looked away, embarrassed.

"Good song," I said.

It was like this connection we had, but without saying anything. And although it may have been taken completely different on his side, it was perfect on mine. Absolutely wonderful.


Kristina P. said...

You have to share the song now!

Wendyburd1 said...

WHAT is this song??!!

Whitney Leigh said...

fuhreak!!! you did NOT tell me about this! we need a serious girl party. i can tell you my secrets too

Whitney Leigh said...

p.s. you totally had me hooked with this post. LOVED it. i feel like i'm reading some corny love story, but the fact that it's real. and about you. ah. so good.

i hope the next one is about you making the face out with him. haha not really. just wanted to say make the face out. i miss andy. sorry. i'll stop spamming your comments page. love you pumpkin.

Whitney Leigh said...

It WAS Muslim. I'm so good. He was a dork, but I never get tired of stories like this.