Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Best. Class. Ever.

My Intro to Lit class saw the most class participation that it has ever seen. Most of the time, everybody's silent and my professor goes on about prosody and syllabic verse (which I actually find interesting, but I guess it's not everybody's cup of tea).

It all began with Lisa, a girl in my class, moving up a desk to the front row in the middle of the lecture (this is a small class of about 20, just keep that in mind). My first brief thought was that she was trying to suck up to the teacher by being in the front row, but then I thought, Nah. Plus, I really like Lisa, so I didn't particularly care that she moved. Then I watched this kid in our class and her exchange some glances and laughs and a few whispered sentences. So I thought that there was some sexual tension going on between them (what that had to do with her moving desks, I have no idea).

Then it all became clear. The girl that had been sitting behind her freaked out all of a sudden because there was a "huge" spider on the desk Lisa had been sitting in. Everybody moved around in their desks to see this spider, and my professor was being funny, but also trying to keep the class under some amount of control. For some ridiculous reason, no one decided to kill it. I was sitting there thinking, About 2/3 of the men in this room are near that spider and they're not man enough to do it! (potentially sexist remark, I know).

Of course, with the spider still lurking around, the people closest to it weren't paying attention at all, and despite my professor's attempts at getting the class to focus back on William Carlos Williams' "The Red Wheelbarrow," it wasn't happening.

That's when chaos ensued. All at once, there was a resounding gasp from several girls, and many of them stood up and hurried out of their seats. Apparently the spider was a jumping spider and had excavated its way to the other girl's desk. Oh, the mayhem.

A guy sitting in the row next to me was laughing and mocking the situation, and was yelling, "Quick! Kill it! Before it lifts the desk and starts throwing things!" Haha. I laughed. Finally, the guy who had been flirting with Lisa decided to murder the creature, much to the chagrin of my professor. I think he was a little opposed to the death of the spider, and I'm not sure why (he said he didn't even like them).

After that, the professor went on about a time when he was in school and a dog was in class. His professor was lecturing on the Salem witch trials, and for some random reason, the dog was just barking sporadically and it was really grating on the teacher. Finally, he slammed his book and notes shut and said, "Class dismissed!" My professor remarked, "It's like he thought this dog was an imp of Satan!"

Haha. Oh, that professor. He kills me. I find myself laughing a lot in that class, but I find that I'm usually the only one laughing. He has a really off-the-wall sense of humor that I think random people like me appreciate. Oh well.


Wendyburd1 said...

I wouldn't have been able to stay if no one killed a jumping spider! I am arachnaphobic so i do NOT find it funny!! I would have been screaming my bloody lungs out!LOL

Whitney Leigh said...

Shoulda just trapped it under a cup for five days.