Sunday, April 19, 2009

Song List of the Week

You may remember this post, where I posted my favorite songs of the week. I decided to reinstate that today. I think I was inspired by Wendy's blog, which is the new rockin' awesome blog that I'm stalking (but now that I've come out and said it and commented, maybe it's not technically stalking? I don't know...) So, on my sidebar, you've got an entire playlist of songs that I'm absolutely loving right now! (Probably not as cool to you as it is to me, but's my blog, and I'm posting it despite what you think anyway.)

1. "Second Chance" by Shinedown.
I was very skeptical about this band when my friend said they were awesome as we watched them at seven freakin' o'clock yesterday morning, waiting for the local news morning show to come on. When they performed live on the national morning show, I still wasn't sold, but she played me their recording of this song, and it's awesome.

2. "Earthquakes and Sharks" by Brandston.
My roommate was playing this song yesterday, and it was just catchy to me. I don't know what it is about this song, but I really like it. It also mentions an element of my past that gives me butterflies still.

3. "Never Say Never" by The Fray.
I. Love. The. Fray. It is what it is.

4. "Ride of the Valkyries" by Wagner.
Yes. Ridiculous as it is, Wagner made it onto the list. Believe it or not (and as weird as it may be), there are some positive connotations that I have to this song.

5. "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey.
Most every playlist I make contains this song or "Let It Be" (as those of you who have read my blog for a while may know). May get old to some people, but the way I see it....if you have a song that doesn't absolutely drive you crazy after playing it 100 times, you hold onto that (haha, that sounded really cheesy).

6. "You're Not Sorry" by Taylor Swift.
You can say what you want to say about her or this song, but I think she's great and this song is fan-freakin'-tastic.

7. "Rock & Roll" by Eric Hutchinson.
You can't feel unhappy while listening to this song (well....maybe you can....I'm sure on my crappiest days I could...but it still brings me great joy).

8. "Babe" by Styx.
Haha, a friend of mine from high school said it best. "Styx=win." I don't care what you think. I. Love. Styx.

9. "Fearless" by Taylor Swift.
Slipping on ice, barriers going down, the past coming back to decide that it wasn't done with me....yup. This song. (Don't feel bad if that made no sense.)

10. "Stop and Stare" by OneRepublic.
Because sometimes memories of feeding ice cream to ducks never fade.


Kristina P. said...

Love the list! Very eclectic.

Whitney R said...

out of these songs I think I've only heard 4 of them. I want to hear the rest! :) I LOVE music so I'm all for people suggesting good tunes.

Wendyburd1 said...

I love Rock n Roll by E.H.!!! So makes me smile!!

Whitney Leigh said...

Wasn't the shindown at 6? haha jeff came on at 7. good times.

I was reading about taylor swift in a magazine and she said, "If i talk to you for more than five minutes, I am probably going to write a song about you." ha...ha... overly cliche if you ask. yes she has a few good songs, but listen, what happened to the good ole days when songs were about monsters and stuff? why does it have to be about every freakin boy she talks to? honestly.

Kayleigh said...

Whit, I don't bash on people you like (with the exception of Jeff) so don't bash on people I like. GOT IT!

And at least she's not a superwhore. I mean, as far as I know.

Whitney Leigh said...

hey, i am a superwhore ok. don't lie to your blog friends about me....i just realized you were talking about taylor. ok then, yeah nevermind.

Whitney Leigh said...