Monday, March 30, 2009

Public Displays of Affection Make Me Sick: Case Study #42

Wow. I'm slightly grossed out right now.

I was just sitting here, in the large foyer of the JSB just checking up on blogs and Facebook and all that jazz before getting started for the day, when all of a sudden this couple about 20 feet in front of me start like, hard core cuddling in the middle of all these people trying to study. They were whispering into each other's ears (sweet nothings, I'm guessing), and then all of a sudden they were kissing. I'm pretty sure the girl saw me staring at them, which almost made me feel bad (almost being the operative word there). But then I thought, "Psh, who's the idiot that decided to make out with her fiance/husband [I can see a ring on her finger, but I can't tell with him] right in front of about 40 people." So I think all privacy privileges are shot with that. I have a right to stare at them incredulously as they canoodle in front of me.

Honestly. At BYU, there is more of this than there was in high school, and high school was BAD. Ew. When I find me a man (I'm not looking right now, but eventually...) remind me never to be that disgusting.

On a side note for the previous post, I was going to Biology today in the MARB, and there were two ducks right by the front door! Haha. I wanted to take a picture and put it on my blog, but I wasn't late to class for once and I wanted to make it on time. So, alas, I'll have to get pictures of the ducks in random places somewhere else (wow, that sounded so much more uninteresting writing it down there than it did in my Toodles!


The Boob Nazi said...

I hate PDA. I have nothing else to say about that.

Jeff and Sarah said...

If it makes them uncomfortable that you are staring at them, so be it. Next time wave when they look at you, or pull some hilarious face, perhaps they'll get the message. I'll remind you of this when you find you a man.:)

Whitney Leigh said...

you and parker were pretty good about pda. landon and i are horrible about it.