Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Guess who's a year old today!?

My blog! (I guess my blog isn't a "who" per se, since it's not actually a person, but we'll ignore that fact.)

Yup. One year ago I was sitting at my computer at home, typing up a synopsis of my life, feeling scared about going to BYU, completely unaware of the rollercoaster that was going to be my life over the next year. Amazing how life changes! I'm not an advocate for change by any stretch of the imagination, but I always like to see how I've changed in hindsight. That kind of change I can deal with.

How many missionaries do I have out now? (that sounded so possessive...): 6 and 1 on the way in July (Arkansas, New Zealand, Colombia, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Switzerland respectively....the one leaving in July is going to Argentina)

How many semesters of school have I been through: Almost 2! A year ago, I thought I was officially going to die before I went to college. I couldn't picture it. Now I can't imagine going back.

I've had some interesting sagas with a couple guys....always makes life more interesting (and complicated). But really, I look back on a lot of it and laugh (especially the most recent....that still kills me!).

I've gone through the fearful and terrifying experience that is a BYU Singles Ward. I've been rafting down the Green River (not white-water rafting, though...that's not until this summer!). I've crashed on a motorcycle. I started liking country music (don't tell my dad...he still can't get over that, haha). I graduated high school. I got micromanaged by my supervisor at work (not really an accomplishment, just traumatizing). PDA is stupid. The BYU Bookstore is....well....we won't get into that. I created a Wikipedia page. I bought a car and said car got run into by two different forms of transportation (a bike and another car...psh). I can drive a stick shift. I almost got up on a wakeboard. I got kissed. Things that were never expected to happen in life happened.

I've learned a lot this past year, but of everything I learned, I think the thing that I've learned the most is how unpredictable life is (this is getting sappy...crap). I like to believe that I know what's going to happen to me tomorrow, but in all actuality, my life could completely change. It did yesterday. It did on January 16th. It did on September 2nd. It did on May 28th. No matter what happens, there's only so much we can control in life. But those stupid, sometimes really unwanted uncontrollable things become the blank slate for the rest of life. There's a lyric to a song that says, "And do you know that every day's the first of the rest of your life?" I think that can sum up pretty eloquently what I've learned this past year.

In honor of my blog and my blog's name, I decided to post the song, Let It Be. Another quote that fits for me is the quote on the top of my blog by John Lennon that says, "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."

Amen, John Lennon. Amen.


Kristina P. said...

Congrats on your bloggy birthday! So much you have done in a year.

live, laugh, love said...

Love it! You should have a blog birthday party! haha but it really is amazing how much has gone on in a year... Now you've got me all reflective too! haha

Whitney Leigh said...

I think you're the only person my dad hasn't been able to get up on a wakeboard. that's an accomplishment in itself.