Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear Allison

Oh, and a happy happy birthday to my dear roommate, Allison. :)

I wuv her. She buys my Panda Express and pizza. But that's not why I love her (not the only reason, at least)...

She understands my addiction to Gilmore Girls (she has recently become addicted herself, I will take the credit for that), she doesn't judge me (mostly because we're too busy judging other people...which is only partially a lie), and she's the closest to my maturity level in our apartment (everybody else is older than 22....she just barely turned 20...and I'm still an immature 19-year-old).

So, happy birthday!!! Here's a post for you.

Cute picture, I know. Ignore the part that is my face. And the fact I have an 8 foot long scarf wrapped around my head. I was cold. And apparently I have no shame.


Jeff and Sarah said...

Glad to know you are still alive. I miss your blog but I understand wanting to keep your thoughts and feelings to paper so us nosey people can't get inside your head and life. I'll take whatever I can get on your blog, it's better than nothing.:)

Whitney Leigh said...

I want to type something in Jewish.

I just sat here for longer than I'd like to admit trying to decide if Jewish was a language.... It's probably Hebrew, huh?