Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dear Blog

I'm afraid that since I started writing a lot more on paper about my life (a.k.a. Dear Diary/Journal/Whatever You Call Your Venting Book) I've neglected my dear dear blog.

So, in the past week (Wow, has it only been a week? That's like, ten years for a blog!) I studied my butt off and took my American Government and Politics test, which may or may not have gone well. I'm sorry, but is it wrong of me to think that a teacher should give at least some sort of a study guide? I mean, it's one thing to completely give us the answers, and it's a completely different thing to give us a basis for what we should focus our studying on. He gives us four chapters, several readings from another book, and readings that he gives us in class and out of all of it, we get tested on us. He doesn't give us any idea as to what we should focus on for the essay. Now, I did a lot of studying. A lot. I had enough studying to get me to do well on the multiple choice, because a broad study like that is okay for multiple choice tests, but for the essay part? That broad study without a real focus does not help AT ALL. I know I'd get more out of the class if I were to have a direct focus when I was studying. Not like I really enjoy the class, but I feel a lot more knowledgeable as to what's going on in the world and in the country.

Holy cow. Rant over. That had been stuck inside my head for several days.

Oh, and my new favorite place on campus: The Museum of Art. Whenever I come out of there, I am in such a good mood! My life became complete the other day after I came out. I don't know if any of you ever looked at the I Spy books, with the photographs and the rhymes, where you had to find items in the photographs that were in the rhymes.

Like these books.

Anyways, an exhibit at BYU's Museum of Art is a Walter Wick exhibit, where a lot of his photographs are on display and explanations as to how he made the things in his photographs. It was really fascinating. What I'm getting at though, is there was this one picture in one of the books of this little contraption made out of blocks and other various toys that was meant to pop a balloon. It had a marble on the left side of the page, and you could tell if you pushed the marble, it would slide down various plastic tracks, hit dominoes, the dominoes would hit other things and eventually, a sharpened pencil would drop to hit a balloon. But, since it was a photograph, none of that actually happened in the book (duh). Whenever I looked at that picture as a kid, I always pretended as though I hit the marble, and I would run my finger over the various things that would get knocked over or moved in order to start another chain of things moving, and pretend like the balloon got popped. It always fascinated me, and I always wanted to see it happen.

And then, I found it.

At the museum, a Mac had been set up in the exhibit with a few different videos about how he set up his photographs, and that was one of them. It showed the little machine going off and popping the balloon!!!!

It was like my wildest dreams had come true.

So, there you have it. I would make a promise that I would stop neglecting my blog, but I don't know if that's actually going to happen. I hope not. I always loved my blog. But life gets so busy sometimes, and when I'm trying to not actually waste my time (which is not happening...I'm just wasting my time in different ways) I don't write on my blog as much. Whatever.


The Boob Nazi said...

MOA cafe is delicious too....

Kristina P. said...

I was watching Mythbusters the other day and they had a holiday episode where they created one of those giant contraptions. I think it was the largest in the world so far. It was awesome!!

Whitney Leigh said...

i miss those books. I want to go check one out of the library.