Tuesday, December 2, 2008

If you want a post not ranting about people, don't read this

We all know how the most....well, "quirktastic" individuals like to sit next to me (or rather, I sit next to them) in classes. Today, the kid I sat next to in psychology took the cake.

I came in late, straggled to a free seat, trying to climb over legs, backpacks, and whatever else people put* at their feet, and sat next to this kid. He seemed friendly enough...maybe. Well, that inkling of friendliness left after a little while.

Now, I like my psychology professor. He's pretty funny, even if all he does is teach off Powerpoint Slideshows. Apparently this kid didn't! After everything my professor said, this kid came up with some sort of retort muttered under his breath. At first I was like, "Meh, whatever." But after an entire class of this, I was ready to just turn to him and say, "Will you just SHUT UP!" That's mean, I know...which is why I didn't do it. To top it off, he was totally looking over at my screen all obnoxiously, so I kept trying to think of some random thing to pop up on my computer that would disturb him. The only thing that I could think of was pictures of my friend on Facebook without his shirt on. Not terribly disturbing. He was all buddy-buddy with the girl next to him, too, who was the girl looking over my shoulder a few weeks ago.

Well, misery loves company. Except substitute the word 'misery' for any other word. Swears are allowed. Be creative.

Oh, and coming soon....a non-negative, non-rant post!

*Can I just say, in trying to spell "put" right here, I honestly typed out the word "poot." I think I've gone Irish without realizing it.


Kristina P. said...

Sounds like a delightful class buddy! What about the picture of me as Edward? Very distubing.

live, laugh, love said...

haha there's so many kids like that in my Human Development class! It drives me insane!!!

The Boob Nazi said...

I kept on repeating in my head last night, "God loves us all. God loves us all. Even the annoying ones. God loves us all." haha bleech

Whitney R said...

I have an annoying in my Kinesiology (you know, what physics is to you, Kensiology is to me) class. The loud sigher, mutterer under breath, trying to be cool... Oh, I have learned to just ignore.. but I still hear!

Jeff and Sarah said...

Surprise, surprise you were late!! Try getting to class on time and maybe you could chose who you sit by. Oh but then I guess you wouldn't have anything to write about.:-)

Kayleigh said...

Kristina - I honestly thought about the Edward pictures you had on your blog and putting them up. In fact, I had them up at one point.

live, laugh, love - I guess it takes all sorts of people to make the world.

Boob Nazi - You're at least a step ahead of me. I just forget about the fact that God loves us all. Then I end up blogging about how much I'm sick of humanity! Haha.

Whitney R. - I feel for you with those hard classes...and those annoying people.

And mom...I'm not *always* late. I was just late today because I had to finish the paper that was due today in that class.

Jeff and Sarah said...

Just read my last comment. It sounded kind of harsh. I was actually just joking.:-) Don't get too iritated.

Whitney Leigh said...

Just start googling photos of STDs. I'm still scarred from high school health class where they did that.

Also- you should have muttered a retort to his retort. that would have shown him. and been hilarious.