Sunday, December 28, 2008

Five of the Following (copied from my dear Emily's blog)

My engaged roommate, Emily (who is talked about in this post with her fiance) had this tag thing on her blog, and because I've missed my blog so much, I'm going to do it too and post twice within the same hour. Ya man.

What I was doing 10 years ago:

1. Thinking that staying up until 12 a.m. on New Year's was awesome.
2. Being a little bratty third grader (everybody hits a rebellious stage...mine was elementary school).
3. Being brainwashed by my friend (she wasn't a very nice girl).
4. Wearing overalls.
5. Savoring the last memories of Santa Claus, because the next Christmas would be the beginning of the end. Haha.

5 things on my to-do list:

1. Clean my hellish room.
2. Move on with my life....maybe (don't ask).
3. Write in my journal more (ya, I stole that from you Emily).
4. Sell my books on eBay.
5. Figure out class schedule for next semester (blech...don't want to think about it).

5 Favorite snacks: (here's where I feel bad because Emily's snacks were ALL healthy...mine will not be, however)

1. Salt and vinegar kettle cooked chips (mmmmmm....).
2. Cereal.
3. Okay, this is healthy....fruits and vegetables, when I end up buying them.
4. Do those little smokies/cocktail weenies count? Oh, how I love those.
5. Those fruit Smiles from Wally World. I *love* those!

5 Jobs I've had:

1. Assistant to the CC dept. at my friend's dad's work.
2. Piano teacher.
3. Teen illustrator for our local newspaper (back in high school).
4. Babysitter (I was a crappy about "Hey kids! Let's watch a movie!" I should have like, actually had fun and played with them instead of just sat them down to watch a movie...I'm gonna be a great mother)
5. And...well, going out really obscure here...I used to pack stickers into packages when our neighbor's machine broke. I got a lot of money for it, so I'm not complaining.

What I would do with a million dollars (after religious donations and all that jazz):

1. Go on a freakin' amazing shopping spree.
2. Go on a trip to somewhere I've never been before.
3. Build my mom a new kitchen.
4. Save some of it, because interest on a lot of money is kind of a lot of money (unless I'm wrong, in which case I look really stupid right now, haha).
5. Give $100 to some random stranger. I've kind of always wanted to do that (well, since last Thursday where I saw someone do that on the was cool).

5 things that made me laugh this week:

1. Sitting on my phone because Brant was trying to steal it, and then all of a sudden Andy's phone going off and him saying, "Uh, Kayleigh? Why are you calling me?" Ya. You had to have been there.
2. When Brant didn't realize I was sitting in a chair and he legitimately almost sat on me.
3. Holding our friend's baby in church today, and she started trying to sing and dance with the hymn.
4. Whitney making an origami frog and sticking it on the shoulder of the chick in front of us canoodling with her fiance. Haha. The chick's dad noticed it, picked it up, and looked at it funny. We were trying so hard not to laugh to give ourselves away. Woops.
5. How ridiculous my life can be sometimes.


Jeff and Sarah said...

Aw, Kayleigh, you'd really buy me a knew kitchen.

Kayleigh said...

Let's not get mushy now. Let's remember that it's not just you that uses the kitchen. That'll be my excuse. Haha.

Whitney Leigh said...


Whitney Leigh said...

ALSO- the frog. totally forgot about that. that- is freaking hilarious.