Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Magna Chronicles

First and foremost, I just want to thank everybody who commented two posts ago about my ridiculous post about being stressed out. I honestly was just venting, but everybody was so nice...really, I so appreciated it. It helped a lot. I just had to kind of figure out my perspective on life and whether some things were worth stressing over. I think talking to my mom helped a lot, too (and I know you're reading this, Mom, so thanks).

I'm just going to say, the west part of Salt Lake and all the suburbs over there....terrifying places. Whit and I were trying to go to Magna last Friday night to hang out with her cousin and his friend who we went on dates with a few weeks ago (I went with her cousin and she went with his friend, just to clarify....I didn't want to create the wrong impression). Well, of course she didn't look at MapQuest before we left because apparently Brody's directions "were pretty specific" (and the real kicker is that before we left, I thought to myself, Maybe we should look at MapQuest anyway...because I've had many experiences where if I had just looked at MapQuest I would have been fine). So, we left Orem slash Provo, and after we passed point of the mountain, we were waiting to find this turn that would get us on I-215 or something. Ya, pretty much we're either blind or we're idiots because we totally missed it. Haha. We ended up in North Salt Lake and we were thinking, "You know, I think we're in the wrong spot."

So, we got off at like, 6th North, stopped at that Chevron right there and called her mom. Tracie looked it up from where we were, and we thought we had it covered. So, we got on our way, and when we got to a place that wasn't on the directions, we had to make a split-second decision on which direction to go. We thought we went the wrong way. We started off going on some sort of highway, and Whitney looks at me and says, "We are going the wrong way." We passed signs for California Ave. and she was like, "WHERE ARE WE GOING!" It was pretty funny. We got off the next exit, and I was just laughing my face off. She was ready to bust a cap, but I was just laughing and laughing. The fact we were lost in this really dodgy part of Salt Lake just killed me (thank goodness I didn't die for real). So, I told her, "Just get back on the freeway. There was an exit sign for Magna, and I can find it from there. As long as we're in the right city."

So, we get back on, find our way back to the directions Tracie gave us, and end up on this road to the middle of nowhere. Honestly, if we'd kept driving, we probably would have ended up in Wendover. There were all these warehouses and all these corporate office buildings. I was looking outside the windows and thinking, "Are we still even in Utah?" Well, we were looking for the exit for 8000 N, and I spot this really small sign that says, "8000 N." I point at it as we pass and say, "Wait...was that it?" Then we pass a road and a turning left, but I, that can't be it. That sign was so small and so far before that turn-off. Whitney points, "Is that it?" I shake my head a little hesitantly, ", I don't think so." Well, we get to the next light, and it's like, 8400 N and she looks at me and says, "That was it, wasn't it."

Yup. Turns out it was.

Finally, we end up on 8000 N, which is the street that they live on. We drive and drive, trying to look for the townhouse complex they live in, and we can't find it (no surprise there). We see a Wendy's, and I say, "Pull in! Wendy's is happy!" By this point in time, we had seen so many scary places we were looking for happy. She looks in and there are a ton of scary people in there and she's like, "That does not look happy. This place is terrifying." We finally turn out of the Wendy's and she's like, "We're in Magna. lava...lava like like DEATH!" I turn to her and say, "Uh, I think you mean magma." Haha. We find a complex we think is theirs, and we walk around for forever, only to call Brody and find out that they live in a completely different complex. End of story....we finally got there. And we had so much fun making pizza, having a fight with the flour (the place looked like a mess after we got done with it) and watching The Office (Jim and Pam!!!! AHHH!). All in all, a very good Friday night/Saturday morning (we finally got home around 2:30 am because we almost got lost again coming home...go figure).


The Boob Nazi said...

There are a lot of signs to get onto 215.... So I'd just say you guys were stupid.... hahaa I kid I kid.

Kristina P. said...

I haven't been to Magna in forever. And it wasn't because it was a choice.

Whitney R said...

I take it that horrible scary drive was worth it? :) Glad you had fun at least!

Kayleigh said...

Hahahaha, Boob Nazi. Your comment made me laugh. Honestly, we are pretty stupid sometimes. Especially when we get in cars.

You're not missing much in Magna, Kristina. Not much.

And yes, Whitney...that horrible, scary drive was very worth it. :)

Kiersten said...

Nothing makes Hot Stuff grouchy faster than being lost.

Gotta love scary Wendy's!

Whitney Leigh said...

what really KILLED me was when we were barreling down the road and there was the choice of either North or South, and I asked you which one and you told me WEST!!! Really though? And that fantastic guess is what got us on California Ave. in the first place.

And for the record MapQuest hasn't had such a good reputation with me so if i had gotten on who's to say whether it would have helped anyways?

Kayleigh said...

It was NOT North or South! West was an option on those signs! And even if it wasn't, I only said, "west" because that's what the directions your mom gave us said that we needed to do.

And MapQuest has saved my butt on more than one occasion, so I could've done it.

Whitney Leigh said...

Is Mapquest even around anymore? oh the times, they're a-changin'.

Also- I still hate that side of the valley because of this trip. And I STILL think of lava when I hear Magna.