Monday, October 20, 2008

Negative Rant Post (feel free to not read)

Okay. Big pet-peeve of mine (and it's a really dumb pet-peeve...don't judge).

I was sitting in my Humanities class today (which I absolutely love, by the way) and I had my laptop open on my desk (because we sit in actual desks in that class...not those auditorium chairs with the pathetic table things on the side). The girl in front of me has kind of long hair, and she kept flicking her hair behind her back (which is a sign of flirtation, and she is always mercilessly flirting with the boy in the row next to us...ya...I can see right through your little game, missy) and it kept getting on my laptop! Not in the sense that any of her hair fell off her head onto my laptop, but it would cover up a little bit of the screen and just completely invade my space.

I hate that! It freaks me out so bad. I'm thinking, "Whoa. Chick. Really, though?"

Now, I'm sure she couldn't help it, and I'm sure she didn't know that she was doing it, and I'm sure that she's a lovely girl. If it had been my best friend, or someone I knew, I probably wouldn't have been as bugged by it. In fact, I'm sure I might unintentionally do it sometimes. But it was just grinding on me today.

It's one of those weeks...if you catch my drift.


Kristina P. said...

Maybe next time, you should just bring a pair of scissors. I'm sure she would understand.

Kayleigh said...

Honestly, that thought crossed my mind. And then I wondered why they got rid of inkwells so I could have just stuck her hair in a bottle of black ink.

Whitney said...

hahaha "Really though?" and I pretty sure you would have been bugged if I had been doing it...and suprise, I'm your best friend.

Kayleigh said...

Ya, but you'd just do it to bug me, which is fine. She just kept doing it and there was a boy next to her, so obviously her long, luscious locks were her way of trying to woo him.

How about not. In fact, I'm sitting behind her as we speak.

Snip snip.

Whitney Leigh said...


That's how I type the sound of the razor we used to do. shoulda done it.