Sunday, October 19, 2008

The first step to recovery is admittance...this is my admittance

So, this past weekend I watched The Office with my roommate who hadn't been converted to the fold yet. Honestly, I don't feel like my time was wasted, but the sad thing is...I spent probably 10 hours just sitting on my couch....watching The Office. That is pathetic.

I think I have a serious problem.

The worst thing about it is that this evening, after we finished the third season, I left my house and met this guy at my friend's apartment I'd never seen before. Immediately, I started thinking he sounded a lot like Jim, and he had some similar Jim facial features. Then, later at our ward's "Linger Longer" (that name will always make me laugh a little inside) someone did something that reminded me of Michael and I met a guy who had Toby's eyes (you know...that doom-and-gloom Eeyore look that you can't help but love). I am disgusting myself with this.

I am comparing real people to fictional characters I've watched on the television for a good part of my life this weekend! I need to go to an equivalent of an AA meeting for people addicted to that show.

On a different was a first for me today, in a lot of ways. I got my first calling ever as a student slash relief society sister slash singles ward member. I am the Relief Society 1 Pianist (official title...ya, you know you're impressed). I am actually totally cool with this calling. Some people feel like they don't have a very legit calling, but it's all in how you perceive it. And have you ever had to sing hymns a capella? No fun. We did today at our Ward Prayer, and this girl in our ward started the song (keep in mind the girl who started the song wasn't leading the music) and then kept going way slower than the person who was actually leading the music. She sings really loud, and is like, a music major or something, and she just kept going slower as though she was subliminally saying, "Hey, we're going at my it!!"

Okay, she wasn't really saying that, but I was kind of thinking...what?

The other first for me....visiting teaching. Kind of a weird experience. I liked the people I worked with, but it was still kind of awkward. I have yet to get used to it.

Oh, and I had the best food today. Remember, I'm a poor college student living away from home, so meals are few and far between, but I fried up some way good chicken and had the best instant mashed potatoes in the world. Way good. :)

(NOTE: If you read this blog before about 10:45 today, I apologize for the typos and the redundant statements. I wrote this post last night really late, and I didn't realize that I can't write coherently at that hour. Thank you. )


Kristina P. said...

I still haven't started watching season 2 yet. I was hoping to this weekend, but I was busier than anticipated.

Those potatoes look delicious!

Kayleigh said...

You'll enjoy season 2. Haha, the first season was good, but it gets slightly funnier as the seasons progress.

Whitney Leigh said...