Sunday, September 7, 2008

Provo = Death

Okay, so my title for this post is a bit exaggerated, but it made me laugh anyways. Whether it makes anyone else laugh is questionable, but as long as I'm getting joy out of it, I'm okay with that.

I'm back in Provo right now, and just got back from my first (well, technically my second) ward social experience, and I tell you was definitely an experience. We walked over to this big hill next to a parking lot, and had ward prayer. We were late, and we walked in in the middle of the opening hymn. It was just so....different from anything I'd ever experienced. I felt really cheesy with the whole situation. When they had the spotlight on two of the guys in our ward, the "ward activities director" asked if one of the guys was single, and the guy (whose name was Rob, I think) said, "No, I'm not." So, the ward activities director says, "Oh, well he's off the market. So ladies, take your claws out of him."

Um. Okay.

Haha, I thought it was funny. It just matched the stereotype I've got in my mind really well.

After that, Kasey and I went to the "Linger Longer" (even the names for the activities are cheesy). I realized then that I have really bad social skills. I can't just go up to someone and strike up a conversation really easily. I didn't really feel intimidated by anyone, but I just didn't know how to handle the situation. We did alright for the first week (Kasey's the same way that I am). I actually met a few guys, which was nice. I'm honestly not really looking for anyone, but I do enjoy flirting, and it does boost my self-esteem to think that maybe a guy finds me attractive and not completely repulsive. Although I was quite the spaz today (I usually am....when I was trying to impress this guy a few months ago, I ended up getting stuck in a tube, almost losing my flip-flop twice in a stream, falling in mud, and running into my friend's car going 5 mph...ya, 'nuf said), I felt pretty comfortable just talking with people. I think the whole fact that I'm not trying to impress anybody helped too. I'm just a spaz in general. starts another week of lovely Provo.

Five things to be happy about:
1. I have homemade bread to eat tomorrow, which I love.
2. I'm not dying of a terminal disease.
3. A potential trip to the drive-in this month.
4. Country music has decided to come into my good graces.
5. The fact that I still don't know what a first kiss feels a way, that's depressing, but also kind of something to look forward to eventually.


The Boob Nazi said...

After I got kissed the first time, I said, "That's it?" hahaha probably NOT what you should say.
Don't build it up so it doesn't meet your expectations. Then again, I didn't really like the first guy I kissed. And by didn't really, I mean, NOT AT ALL. Kiss someone you like! Really! (That sounds like stupid advice, but I guess I've done a lot of stupid things.)

Kayleigh said...

No, that's great advice. Honestly, I think that's kind of the reason I haven't been kissed yet. I'm so picky. I want to kiss a guy I really like. And I have really liked plenty of guys, but most of them have been shy, so nothing's resulted. But my friends during the summer were basically bribing me to have a NCMO with one of my other friends...and I was like, ", thanks." So, I will definitely take your advice to heart. :)

Whitney Leigh said...

poor Joanna.....