Monday, September 8, 2008

"Every kiss begins with Kay...leigh!"

The BYU Bookstore is not in my good graces right now. (and yes, I know this is a picture of the BYU-Hawaii work with what you got)

Why, you ask? (well, you're probably not asking, but I'm telling you anyways)

Well, we all know that the cost of books when you're going to college is absolutely ridiculous. I am basically bringing on the frustration myself by choosing to buy books and further my education (although the outcome should be pretty worth it, I'd say). I spent a ridiculous amount of money on two particular books that were brand new (I couldn't find any used copies in the bookstore). I bought the books under the direct impression that I could return them for full price before tomorrow. They said nothing to me about the fact I'd need a legitimate reason for returning the books, and that if that reason was that I bought cheaper books elsewhere, they wouldn't take it. Well, the super kind lady (*insert sarcasm here*) that was going to refund my money decided to tell me today after I'd waited in line for 10 minutes. Ya. Awesome. So, I'll have to find another way to get some money back for those books. Whatever. C'est la vie.

The rest of the night was pretty fun though, I must say. I went to our ward's family home evening, and honestly had a great time. I met a lot of new people, and had a few laughs from this kid named Nick, who was telling us in great detail about the injuries he incurred from mountain biking. Honestly, I would have been grossed out if he wasn't so funny about it all. He was trying to remember our names, and he pointed to me and was like, "I want to say it ends with "leigh" it Kayleigh?" And I said, "Ya! That's right!" He's like, "Ya, it starts with "Kay" like 'Every kiss begins with Kay....leigh." Haha, we got a good laugh out of that. He was like, "So if I'm ever going to kiss a girl, I've got to like, run over and kiss you first to begin my kiss with the other girl." A pretty hilaroius conversation ensued with that. I figured I would omit the fact that I've never actually been kissed before. Honestly...I've kind of got my heart set on someone (whether or not he gets the guts to kiss me...if that's still a matter in a different story).

So...aside from the evil that is the BYU Bookstore, this day was pretty good. I finally decided to be social (well, as social as I'm going to get right now) and I'm just taking the whole school thing a step at a time. I figure that's all I can ask of myself right now.


Kayleigh said...

Bahahahaha....this was the birthday of the guy who actually was my first kiss! Oh the irony.

Whitney Leigh said...

^^ you- are such a dork.