Thursday, September 4, 2008

My experience with the state's best hugger

I'm just going to say that first impressions should never stick with you. My first impression of college: crap. A very "what the h3*$ am I doing here" moment, as my dad eloquently described it (and honestly...he couldn't have been more right with that explanation).

By day two, I was getting more used to the fact that I was in college, and once I'd gone home to my apartment the previous day, sorted out my stresses, and did something about them, I felt infinitely better. And to top it off, I had my first experience in what I'm thinking will be my very favorite class...Humanities (although my Honors Writing class was amazingly fun, as well).

Today...although my classes weren't nearly as fun, and just a repeat of my traumatic day Wednesday, I really feel as though I'm starting to maybe even...dare I say it...LIKE college. I still have some reservations about the whole BYU thing (believe you me, I'm not painting my body completely blue and yelling "GO COUGARS" until my throat gives out at the next football game....I'm still bleeding red just to make people mad...haha, thank my dad for the intuitive part of me that enjoys doing that) but I really do like the school...I'm going to get a great education here, and even if it didn't have that going for it, the campus is absolutely bee-ee-ay-YOUtiful. On a daily basis, I'm walking through lots of trees, and I love that!

So, I just realized that all that has nothing to do with my experience with the state's best hugger, as this post is titled that very phrase. Hmmm....well, I guess I'll have to share that too!

I was going over to Whitney's apartment to go with her to a party that someone in her complex was throwing ("Septemberfest! No parents! Rootbeer keg!" Party on and keep the dream alive...) After sitting in her room for about an hour, watching her mess around on Facebook (super fun, I tell you what), I started talking with her roommate, Shalise (who I love...she's a sweetheart, and we're having similar issues with the boys that we like, so it's nice to have someone to talk to about that) and Whit was determined to go to that party, so she left and I was still at the apartment. Well, apparently the state's best hugger lives in the apartment directly under theirs. He came up for some apple pie (Whit and her roommates had taken some to their room the day before) and he, Shalise, and I were just talking. He was telling us about his experience as the Cuddle Club President at Weber State and what it entailed. Haha, it was rather interesting! Then he proclaimed himself as an excellent cuddler, and even went so far as to call himself the state's best (as well as the best hugger, too). Haha, it was fun. Lots of laughs.

One last thought before I call it a night...
...first impressions (or "assumptions," we could call it) are not necessarily the best things for building an opinion. After all, we know what happens when you assume things... :)

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Whitney Leigh said...

you forgot to mention that you AND shelise bailed on me. you two and your "boy" issues.