Monday, April 7, 2008

Unlike my father, I don't crash (knock on wood)

I did it! I learned how to ride a motorcycle!

On Saturday, after a very uplifting General Conference, Whit, Brant, and I were watching a brief movie that included motorcycles. Whit and I were debating all day about what we should do that night, since all of the guys were going to go to the Priesthood session, and I said, "How about we take my little motorcycle and ride it around the church parking lot?" Needless to say, she was very up for the idea. :)

So, when we got home, we got all ready with our hoodies and our sneakers (she was wearing my dad's because she was only wearing fuzzy pink slippers when she showed up at my house, and it looked hilarious) and she took off slowly riding the motorcycle with me running on foot behind her. Which, now that I think about it, probably looked hilarious to all of my neighbors, but whatever.

When we got to the parking lot of the church, of course my mom showed up trying to film and take pictures, because that's what my mom does, but after that, we just played. It was SO much fun! After a mishap with the chain coming off, (oops) we were free and clear to just mess around. I got the hang of it all and Whit was very proud (she's VERY into motorcycling and such). I even kick-started it! Woo! Haha. We went home, got cleaned up, and then had a very anti-climactic time loitering at R.C. Willey's watching TV. Good times.

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Whitney Leigh said...

kick starting by yourself AND loitering. big day.