Monday, April 7, 2008

Hide and seek...ya right

MCCALL GOT HER FIRST KISS! Haha, although she doesn't realize I'm posting this on the internet, it was such big news that I just had to blog it. Brant so casually informed us yesterday around his fire that if McCall showed up, he was gonna plant one on her. We all looked at him and said, "Are you serious?"

Yup. He was.

So, when she got there, Andy, Whit, and I were all giggly knowing what was about to come to McCall. Brant so nonchalantly said, "Hey, how about we go play hide-n-seek in the park?"

Ya, okay Brant. Why don't we go do that. :) Haha.

So, with our ploy, we walked out and played along. I ended up being pegged as "it" because that whole "1-2-3-NOT IT!" concept never got through to me. I quickly counted backward from 100, skipping about thirty numbers in the process, and as soon as I was done, I ran over to where Whit and Andy were and asked if they knew if he'd done it yet. Basically, it was pitch black outside, so, after a few moments of guesswork, we decided we'd go back inside.

While watching the end of Return of the King on TBS, Brant and McCall came in and we just looked at them, wondering if he'd actually done it. They sat down on the couch, acting no different than usual, and I tried to get it out of Brant, but he just smiled and looked away.

Finally, while Brant was walking McCall to her car, I got it out of him. He had kissed her! Woo! Her first kiss. Needless to say, I was extremely happy for her, (I called her later, and she and Whit were just screaming...haha, I love being a girl!) and a little jealous, because dang it, I want a first kiss! But oh well. Someday my prince will come....haha. That wasn't corny at all.

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