Wednesday, March 6, 2013


you know how when you walk into a house, the woman's first statement is, "sorry it's so messy!" even if it's not?

i experienced that today. in a way.
i've been trying to install microsoft office onto our mac desktop. it has not been an easy feat, and after troubleshooting [i know how to troubleshoot but don't understand escrow?] the only option they gave me was to call microsoft and beg for another product key.

so i did. and a very nice (not foreign) gentleman helped me out. by hacking into my computer and taking over the mouse.

i subsequently apologized for how messy the computer was because i've been working on a paper.
that and i'm a tab whore.

after a little bit of tweaking he tried to open word. which wasn't working because my memory was so clogged with open tabs and documents and pandora and other things. he told me to close them. i was embarrassed.

but now it works. so huzzah for tech support that hacks into your computer and judges your desktop icons (i assume).

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Whitney Leigh said...

at least it wasn't p-o-r-n.