Monday, March 11, 2013

some thoughts.

a few thoughts for this monday morning:

i can't work on a paper while listening to the beach boys. in fact, what can you do while listening to the beach boys? i mean, other than dance or go to a sock hop or something. no seriousness comes from the beach boys.

i used to have recurrent nightmares about e.t. and other aliens.
my dreams in the past six months have increasingly included zombies. thank you walking dead.

and, speaking of seriousness and the beach boys,
if you ever want a good laugh (and this is going to get real morbid real fast...just move past it), think about the most inappropriate song played as they walk your casket down the aisle at your funeral (à la gerard butler's character in p.s. i love you).
like, if barbara ann was playing? totally not appropriate. but hilarious.

well, off to work on a paper i am
(that was kind of yoda-ish. unintentional. though i will not be changing it.)


Whitney Leigh said...

have you seen a bad lip reading to the walking dead?

I'm putting it on your fb wall. you'll die. again.

Jill said...

I just found your blog today and love it! Rilke is a favorite of mine, I even have one of his lines tattooed on my ankle

Your Beach Boys at a funeral remind me of a saying I read on the internet, it was something like, The only time you cannot replace "I'm Sorry" with "My Bad" is at a funeral!