Tuesday, March 5, 2013

being a grown-up is stupid.

parker and i are in the process of buying a house (well, condo, but it's something that we'll own, so house is good enough for me). we met with our realtor and this really intimidating lady yesterday and they bombarded us with all this information about titles and house insurance and a warranty and HOA and escrow and blah and blah.

man. what the heck is escrow? honestly. i had to google just now what escrow is, and i still don't get it.

and parker and i got in a spat last night about the title and how confused i was about it and how i was having anxiety attacks thinking about calling all these people (the phone and i have a hateful relationship) and parker was asking me "are you serious?" when i asked if we had to buy the title.

yes. i was serious.
and no. i don't have to buy it.

luckily, the title and title company makes more sense now. escrow will probably always remain a mystery.

it reminds of this scene in gilmore girls.
in fact, that's the first time i heard the word escrow.

it also reminds me of escargot, which i think i'd rather be dealing with than actual escrow.
at least escargot doesn't make me call it.


Whitney Leigh said...

I've had escartgo.
almost threw up both times.
not because it's gross though, the flavor was exquisite. It was the idea that I had a snail on my tongue.

annnnnnnnnnnnnd, I hate the process of buying a house. remember that time I almost bought one in Eagle Mountain? Thank you, Lord for sparing me from that dusty, forlorn hell hole.

Christina @ The Murrayed Life said...

The fact that you brought in Gilmore Girls is amazing.

And escargot?? hahaha I'm closing on our house on Wednesday, and this will be running through my head now.

Whitney Leigh said...

"at least escargot doesn't make me call it."

that got me.