Wednesday, October 3, 2012

shopping carts.

i hate carts. always have. i'm strictly a basket gal,
or a just-carry-it-in-your-hands gal.
which isn't exactly  conducive to large shopping trips.

(i'm not a good grocery shopper, illustrated by the following paragraph. sorry parker.)

i probably looked really stupid today in sam's club, then.
i had two big tubs of strawberry yogurt in one arm while that hand held pre-cooked bacon.
the other arm was carrying cinnamon toasters ($3.24 people!)
like it would probably carry a wiggly 6-month-old.

i should really look into using carts.

(that neon green grass can't be faked, ladies and gentlemen.)

1 comment:

Whitney Leigh said...

I only don't like them when there is that one wheel in front that likes to spin like a ballerina on speed. but the baskets are only good for me if I'm getting bread or something. But then I always end up getting milk and then there are indents on my arms and my shoulders start to hurt.... yeah. I'll just stick with carts.