Monday, April 16, 2012

come a long way, baby.

i'm sitting here. my apartment is messy because i'm an art major and paint everything everywhere. (mostly i paint on the couch when i'm watching endless episodes of the office. a dangerous feat, perhaps, but for what regency's put me through, they deserve paint on their couch.)

it should seem weird to me that this is the last monday i will ever be in an apartment like this with four other roommates. that i just spent my last sunday in a singles ward (hallelujah forever). that my last fnal is wednesday and i'm procrastinating like crazy to go finish the project for it. it doesn't seem weird, though. to be honest, i'm excited. 

i hate change. people who know me know that change usually brings lots of tears and irrational behavior. they know that i set my mind to hating the change and the people involved with it until i'm dead in my grave and beyond. that's how much i hate change and endings. i watched the series finale of that '70s show (and i had probably only seen two episodes total of that series) and i cried. that is how much i hate change and endings. 

but this one? i'm pretty excited. 

i get to live with my family one last time before i become permanent roommates with this guy.

i get to marry him. in the temple
i get to work on my art.
i get to have new adventures. crazy scary at times, but the fact that my best friend (the one who lets me make weird noises in public and who lets me be irrational) will be with me makes it better. 

now if you'll excuse me, i need to go get ready so i can finish my project.


Brady,McCall said...

Kayleigh! Im so excited for you to get married. Its a big change, not going to lie to you. But its the best change. And being permanent roommates with your very best friend ever, Is the best thing. Marriage is a big adventure, that's for sure. But I would never change that,ever:). I love and miss talking to you Kayleigh. Call me when you are finished with your finals. I would love to hear from you.

Bri Rios said...

Oh gosh, once you move in with your husband you are gonna think "How the crap did I survive with 4-5 girl roommates for this long?!". You get to decorate, have your own kitchen, and start a new chapter of life that is kind of daunting, takes a lot of work, but in the end the pros farrrrr outweigh the cons :)

Good luck on finals!!!

Whitney Leigh said...

can't believe you're leaving me here in P-town. You're the only reason I came down here in the first place.

I guess marrying your best friend is a good reason.
only because you couldn't marry your bff, right?

remind me to tell you about my new word verification game.