Tuesday, February 21, 2012

ladies and gentlemen, kayleigh (almost) jolley

sometimes i have the tendency to get somewhat annoying (those of you who know me well, please do not comment on that previous statement). i'm not a center-of-attention kind of person, but at times i really am. which means i embarrass myself and say irritating stupid things.

like in the middle of a critique in my illustration class.

a girl got up to explain who she painted a portrait of, and said it was her fiance. i proceeded to squeal with delight (okay, maybe not squeal with delight...i was just loud. very loud. with excitement. i love love. not a crime.) and asked to see her ring. from across the room. in the middle of a class critique.

a. nnoying.

at that point, i explained how i was engaged and was just super excited for her and how we're in the same boat, yadda yadda.

later in the class, a girl talked about how she hates engaged people and she thinks they're so annoying. she kept going on and on and i looked at her and said, "you just said you hate engaged people?"

at which point in the post, i insert this:

wedding flowers: $700
wedding cake: $200
wedding dress: $450
the look on her face: priceless.

it was nice being on the other side of the open-mouth-insert-foot spectrum, since usually i'm the one doing it.

she quickly backtracked, but sweetheart....your damage was done. lucky for you i've been in those shoes and wasn't even upset about it. it was just hilarious.

this is how us annoying engaged people act.
see? parker's engaged and not annoying.
it's just me.

stay tuned: updates on my wedding obsession (you have been warned). updates on my life (again, you have been warned).


Brittany Erin Nelson said...

Bahaha I love this.

Brady,McCall said...

love this post! love that you squealed from across the room. I too love love and love weddings and everything about them. Excited for posts to come. Cant wait to hear your wedding plans. When is the wedding date by the way?

Parks said...

amen to that first sentence! and you definitely didn't tell me about that

Captain Danger said...

This post was awesome!