Thursday, November 17, 2011


i've been thinking a lot about that article i posted on sunday. love chooses us.

basically, what's been running a marathon in my head is how the story is never really over. it's not defined by the small bursts of good stories in the middle. it's created and it's constantly being created.

like today. i was in the wilk. there was a pre-black friday sale in the bookstore, so i'd been jostled around by way too many people looking at board games and overpriced chocolate. i sat in the cougareat and decided to sketch. (mostly because it was during my sketchbook class hour and i was supposed to be sketching.)

this lady and her husband were sitting at the table i decided to sketch. right as i began, she stood up and walked off and i saw her husband sitting there. he was old. not real old, but old. white hair and lots of plaid old.

i sketched him. and his plaid. and as i fell in love with the situation and thought about me and parker when we're in the lots of plaid old stage, his wife came back with two ice cream cones.

one for him. one for her.

and they sat there! eating it together! she in her really big pink sweater and him in his plaid. and i thought, "you've just gotta make every little moment part of your story."

like eating ice cream in the cougareat.
or listening to mat kearney when november weather is happening in august.


Bri Rios said...

I love seeing old people in love :) It warms my heart!

Whitney Leigh said...

i think you're in your plaid old stage just because you love plaid more than any 22 year old girl that i know.

truvie: probably the name of the lady with the big pink sweater and ice cream.

Whitney Leigh said...

you should update your blog. por favor.

shiperam: the catchphrase for people selling rams over seas.

"don't live on this continet? we will SHIP-E-RAM to YOU!!"