Monday, October 31, 2011

blue or the color of my nupastel.

this semester i'm taking two figure drawing classes. meaning i have 12 hours of sitting at a drawing horse, staring at a half naked model, drawing.

at times, it's lovely, really. the human body really is a divinely designed thing, and i've had a positive body image since i've taken the class and realized that curvy human beings are much more interesting to draw.

other times, though, it downright sucks. i sit there, my back hurts, i'm drawing this model when other people around me are drawing the same model infinitely better, and it just sucks.

today, i felt, was one of those days. crappy crappy foreshortening, crappy crappy lighting. crappy crappiness. so, i began experimenting with my drawing, with my technique. omitting things, darkening things, and as it turns became one of my better drawings.

the girl who is the best in the class thought it looked cool. brother barrett (the professor who wrote a book on figure drawing, that's how good he is) said it looked very interesting with the way i edited it. and i thought it looked good.

sometimes the most beautiful things in our lives come from the crappiest situations. you have to push through. you have to get out of your comfort zone, because when you're comfortable in life you're not growing.

i learned that today.

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Whitney Leigh said...

you should post pictures of your drawings. just saying.