Thursday, June 2, 2011

hearts: part I

I went to a reception on Saturday night. The groom is a friend of mine and he and his wife were shining. They always do, just because they're two of the best people I know, but they were especially glisten-y as I hugged and talked with them. I was with Parker across the cultural hall when they had their first dance.

The groom pushed his wife's wheelchair to the center of the floor. He picked her up in his arms, huge white dress and all. [You could see her turquoise Vans poking out of the tulle. Like those flowers that pop out in spring snow.] Then they danced their own special dance. She cried. I cried. In a conversation later, I decided that is love.



emilia. said...

oh man, i love this story. so much.

Merilee! said...

CUTE! Just curious, why was she is a wheelchair?

Whitney Leigh said...

And there you have.


I "surrhoba" the pizza man gets here soon. I'm starving.