Saturday, April 16, 2011

in the tradition of my art friend, brittany, here's my to-do list.

study for history of design exam
study for french exam
work on mission prep take home test
clean room

went to ikea.
went to the other side of utah lake.
watched the full-bellied moon.
lost at speed.

greetings from ikea.
i bought tupperware.

you know....every single moment was worth it.


Brady and McCall said...

Oh how I still have not been to Ikea! Congrats on the new tupperware, what a great purchase:). You two are cute together, love the picture.

Whitney said...

that- is a really awesome bag you got there. wish i had one just like it.

Whitney Leigh said...

i wonder if mccall recognized that bag... she is, after all, the one that bought it for me. Thanks for the bag mccall!! Kayleigh loves it.