Monday, March 28, 2011

stuff you (and nobody else) ever needed to know about me

i saw on the pink-tinged white shoes of a girl in my french class today (thank you festival of colors) something that someone wrote.

"sarah (minus) kevin g. (equals) happiness"

it brought me some joy.
and that the word for tire in french is un pneu. with the p pronounced.
also joyful.

whitney's getting married. huzzah for soul mates. (or something like can define what it is, whitney.)

general conference is this weekend. huzzah for the gospel. (honestly, i just like saying huzzah.)
i just ate some leftover curry for lunch. that was great. i'll smell like curry for hours, but whatever. i'm an artist. let's label it as a statement and call it a day.

i'm super grouchy and impatient today. i don't choose very good sleeping patterns. i know that's a main contributing factor.

hmmm....let's see what other useless information i can tell the internet today about my life. i'm pensive? nah. you don't care about that. i think the word balls is funny? (meaning, inside i have the humor of a ten-year-old boy.)

you probably don't care about that either.
at least i hope not.

and now i will end this pointless post and continue doing my french homework. please enjoy my random babble.

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bec said...

huzzah for friends who sometimes act lesbian.
huzzah for gregory alan.
huzzah for.....sitwell.