Tuesday, December 14, 2010

i should sleep

it's late. always.
i'm up trying to finish some art, which entails me crashing on the couch while gilmore girls is playing. the christmas lights are on. it's reminiscent of this time last year when the christmas lights were on and i was finishing some art. after a first date with muslim.

i'm at peace. (funny that statement comes after the previous sentence)

maybe because christmas lights by coldplay is playing.
(sorry if you're getting sick of the coldplay business, because it's not going away folks.)

it was a rather tumultuous weekend, but i'm at peace;
a little worse for the wear, but coming out on top (eventually).
and thursday, my finals will be done.
tomorrow, my art final will be done.
maybe some day i'll find out about the progress of the visual arts department and their decisions about who is going to be accepted or not.

lots of people to be grateful for. too many to count, but not too many to love.

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