Wednesday, November 10, 2010


they come and go. some linger for extended amounts of time while others are quick to leave.

there are fading outs like the fade-outs at the end of '80s love ballads.
there are abrupt endings.
and there are moments when they leave that continually haunt for months. and months.

and months.

and when those months threaten to become a year, another kind of abrupt ending comes.
maybe when you're sitting in a ballet showcase, watching the amazing things the human body is capable of. thinking of vulnerability and maybe more than thinking about it.

it's in that moment that the life you've lived these past months and months becomes your past. becomes a different part of you that is still there, but that an even better part of you has been created around. it's in that moment that you realize you have changed.

that you realize you're finally done.
and now you can and will listen to yellow.

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