Saturday, October 9, 2010


fall is finally here in the beehive state. i've been waiting somewhat anxiously for it to arrive.
[days of sweating up the stairs from hell were finally taking its toll.]

here's a secret that i didn't realize until today.
i love fall mornings.
i love mornings in general (another secret i didn't find out about until i began waking up before the sun to clean), but fall mornings have something extra. they remind me of maple syrup and the smell of apple cinnamon. they remind me of home which is where i am right now.

i sort of almost cried when i realized how beautiful the scene was from where i was sitting.
the light from our new front door ethereally floating on a picture of christ.
my pink socks.
scriptures on the table.
jacob reading huck finn on the worn out blue chair.
the jutting out of our coat closet from the wall.



we went to the temple last night as a family. that was a first. we had family names. also a first.

afterwards, we made a not-so-quick stop at the farr's ice cream place in clinton (the one across from the ogden temple was too busy. everyone in my family but me hates crowds. another secret i learned).

it was one of those ice cream places where you get charged by the ounce. it seemed like a good idea at the time, but in retrospect (and after mom paid $30) we realized we didn't think that one through very well. we laughed.
the butter pecan custard with graham cracker crumbs my favorite, hot caramel, cookie dough, brownie bites, and cheesecake bites with a maraschino cherry on top was delightful.
jacob's, on the other hand, was disgusting.
he piled on every topping that looked desireable, which made for a not-so-good combination with his cookies and cream yogurt.
his fourteen-year-old self loved it.
we laughed. dad swore.

(lest we think this was a perfect family moment, i thought i'd add that. it was far from perfect. but it was my family. that's why it was real.)

(and, dare i say it, lovely.)

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