Saturday, September 11, 2010

a thank you, of sorts

it took me twenty-one years to really figure out how much i love my life.
i love who i am. i love how i got here. and i know it's going to be hard, but i've realized that's why it's worth it.

the goods. the bads. and the in-betweens.

here's to you, muslim. i've finally hit that summit. and the view is oh-so-nice from where i'm standing.
here's to you, missionary. hope you like the sonic mint (or two. or six.)
here's to you, wyoming boy. i was just glad i got you for that brief little bit.
here's to you, sanskrit. i still don't believe her.
here's to you, kc. always being there for me.
here's to you, xc runner. out in the philippines.
here's to you, andous. but really, you became my best friend.
here's to you, hota hota. you became my best friend, too.
here's to you, stop sign. you weren't really a stop sign. but i'm glad you were there to play risk with.

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JMay said...

This post makes my heart happy :-)