Saturday, July 17, 2010

revised and needing help

here it is, folks! the moment you've been waiting for! well...not exactly.

i have a rough draft of the

list of 21 things i'm going to do that i've never done before i turn 21

order a virgin drink
make croissants from scratch
learn the lyrics to jump around
kiss someone at the drive in
also probably not gonna happen.
we'll see who's willing.
strictly for scientific purposes.

hike the y at night
watch a beatles movie
learn the thriller dance
go to the spiral jetty
hike up angel's landing
(this is a maybe, if the funding goes right)
start a fire
not arson
float in the great salt lake
watch an elvis movie
eat at taggart's with a taggart
shoot something
take a day trip to st. george with the peeps
listen to paul mccartney sing let it be
oh wait.
have a picnic at the towers on the mountain

but that's only seventeen.
i need some more advice!
and some of these may not even be able to happen in two months (i'm poor, remember).

rough draft.
and tell me what you think.]


Brady and McCall said...

Wonderful List Kay! When is this 21st birthday anyway? Im excited for you!!! I want to hear all about it:0

Whitney Leigh said...

I could easily help you kick at least six of those off your list in one day.

e. del mar said...

Just make sure its the toele drive-in...

Kayleigh said...

mccall: september is when it's happening. :)

whit: it's a date. definitely.

e.: i'm sensing that some good things have happened for you at the tooele drive-in. :)