Friday, July 2, 2010

list of what is wrong

there was a time when this song was my anthem. not because every lyric seemed to be a page from my life, but because i loved the song. the fray is one of my many weak spots.

now this line keeps running through my head and seems especially poignant to me right now.

i pray to god he hears you. and i pray to god he hears you.

man, how i pray that he hears me. i've been praying with all my heart since the moment that letter left my hands at the post office.


Whitney Leigh said...

he hears you kay. it's ok.

Kayleigh said...

thanks whit. :) i think we may be a little confused as to which "he" i'm referring to. (i'm sort of hoping the missionary hears me, but i know heavenly father is listening to me regarding it all.)