Saturday, July 10, 2010


my laptop is back in business!
my charger decided to take a permanent hiatus by sparking ferociously at me like an angry [electrical] animal and then just dying. in my hands.

and now the obviously cheap knock-off of a charger that i ordered on ebay is here! and i don't have to borrow my neighbor's charger. he's a saint. he's saved my life on more than one occasion.

here is a song that i'm mildly addicted to right now:

of course it's billy. you should not expect any less from me by now.

life is splendid.
i've been arting it up recently.
i arted it up today while watching titanic. [and maybe crying when they started playing nearer my god to thee]
it was good to be back.

also still waiting impatiently for a letter from le missionaire.
always. always always always have to bring him up.
and still praying.

always. always always always praying.


megan said...

Gah! I ALWAYS cry at that part! And possibly other parts too, but especially then...

Ana said...

i noticed you stole my poetry quote :) and i love you for it.