Thursday, June 24, 2010

stuff and its emotional baggage

we're all going through stuff.
the stuff where you want to just lay on the floor, listening to styx.
or the stuff where you don't want your heart on your sleeve.
the stuff where you have to say good bye. when good bye should never have to be said.

that's one thing that has surprised me most about the human race: we really aren't alone in our miseries.

i mean, i know we're never alone (this is where my firm belief and knowledge of a loving heavenly father comes into play) but sometimes it's consolation to know that we as people are together. trying to live. trying to cope. trying to love. trying to do our best with the circumstances given to us.

kinda makes you want to be a little bit nicer, doesn't it?

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megan said...

I love the new banner!!