Tuesday, June 8, 2010

some'll win. some will lose.

there was a time, five years ago today, that i was sitting in branticus's dad's office with sexy sadie and french frei. we were folding pamphlets. i decided to like the missionary.

we even saw him that night. after a dairy queen run (more like a walk, since we didn't drive at the time) we saw him with his two good friends. they hung out with us that night in french frei's basement.

fast forward a year. exactly.
i hate being in a swimsuit. as much as i love vulnerability, i don't love that kind of vulnerability. where you feel literally naked instead of emotionally naked. unfortunately, branticus surprised me by having me come swimming with him only to meet the missionary there instead. i hadn't seen the missionary in almost a year.

fast forward three years from that. exactly.
i got a letter from switzerland.

fast forward five years from 2005. exactly.
mr. calvin informed my mother as to why he sat the missionary and i together in that art class. so they could learn from each other because they were both the best in the class! boy. we learned. glee did a journey medley. journey is basically our theme music. and i rocked out to don't stop believing in my car.

it was also five years [exactly] from 2005 that i realized i really do care.

oh missionary.
june 8th wouldn't be the same without you.

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Whitney Leigh said...

i took that picture. i want royalties.

the word is billank. it's a combination of your bills in my bank now that you've used that photo.