Monday, June 14, 2010

fireflies and hydrangeas

a shack outside the back window.
it was raining.

i'm not sure where the east coast specifically the virginia/dc area has been all my life. it's like the first time i went to paris. i couldn't believe that such a secret had been kept from me. the cobbled streets, the architecture, how incredibly remarkable the eiffel tower is.

that's how i'm feeling about dc right now.

i was arrested by humidity the second i walked outside. and then i was overcome by the man trying to get us to take a shuttle instead of a taxi. we took the taxi instead.

pretty sure we passed the pentagon on the way to where we're staying.
also pretty sure i lost a year of my life on that taxi ride. not that he was scary. i'm just paranoid. and totally from utah. not used to riding in a taxi with a strange man at the wheel.

the man ended up being a tender mercy.
we didn't know where we were going, and he didn't either. he was patient as we drove around town until our friend called us. then he knocked off some of the charge for the baggage. bless him.

and then there were the hydrangeas. i remembered france. there was a yard where there were pink ones and blue ones and purple ones.

they're my favorite.

and i saw a firefly for the first time. right by the abandoned iron on the lawn in the park that reminded me of my second home in england.

oh dc. where have you been all my life.

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megan said...

Once upon a time I had to take a taxi clear from Baltimore to DC. It should have taken over an hour, but our crazy taxi driver from India made it in about 40 minutes. It was truly terrifying.

Ana said...

i'm glad you guys are enjoying yourselves :) savor every moment