Wednesday, June 16, 2010


if there's anything i've learned the past few days, it's that people are genuinely good.

i think i've had this cynical view of the world, thinking that everybody is out to get everybody else. but that wasn't the case for the man who gave me his seat in the metro during rush hour yesterday morning.

not the case for:
the other man on the metro
who picked up something someone else dropped
and stopped him before he left.

the woman who offered sadie pretzels
when she exclaimed she was hungry.
not offering them in a creepy way.
remember that.

the random people we run into willing to humor us
and our picture taking madness.

the senior missionary woman at the visitors' center
who gave us a ride back to the metro.
but let's hope she's got some christian charity in her, right?

so to those people in the world, and any other person who will help us out this week, i say.

thank you.

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