Saturday, May 22, 2010


if a gypsy in italy stole money from your mother's purse, what would you do?

nae didn't know she'd do what she did:

sprint after the gypsy,
the money from her hands,
and begin yelling at her in english.

please note: nae's blonde hair sticks out in a chaos of olive complexions.

that gypsy's probably never been the same.


Ana said...

who is nae? and why i she in italy? also. hilarious.

Kayleigh said...

janae. sadie's friend. she's rad. she went to italy last year with the fam.

E.m.K. said...

YEAH! That's awesome. I was so afraid that I'd be pickpocketed while I was there. I'm still in the habit of walking with my hand over my bag when walking through large crowds. Nae is epically stupendous.

P.S. The verification word for this comment is "perse." haha...

ritz said...

Sometimes I surprise myself with heroics. Later to be scolded for doing something epic... The spontanious are unappreciated. Speaking of surprise, I was skimming your blog and suprised to see me on it! I love you!!! Thanks for making me sound cooler than I am!

Whitney Leigh said...

I can actually see her doing that. I'm not sure I'd be brave enough.