Tuesday, May 4, 2010

red bucket

memories usually bombard me when i'm going up the stairs from hell.

and by bombard, i mean flood. the dam has burst and is coming at me full force. but instead of running away from the wall of thoughts and memories and water that comes at me, i run toward it. possibly with my arms open. ready to hold as much of the water as i can.

thankfully, i'm holding a bucket. a big red bucket. it makes holding them a lot easier.


Jeff and Sarah said...


Kayleigh said...

mother, i reserve the right to be cryptic on my blog.

but it's not really cryptic! it's just metaphorical or something. open to reader interpretation.

and if you're gonna read my blog, you're just gonna have to accept that. :) haha.

SadieJean said...

Help me! How do you label stuff. . . this blog world has me so confused!

Whitney Leigh said...

You really let your mom have it up there. ^^^ hahah