Tuesday, May 18, 2010


here's the dealio.
i made some realizations today.

i was reading this conference talk today in the ensign, and was pondering the idea that what we give in this life and the hardships we go through will be returned to us. a hundred fold. a thousand fold. infinite.

i also figured out this morning while cleaning bathrooms all my good thinkin' happens when i'm driving or cleaning that the things most worth it in this life are never easy. but they sure feel so good after you've worked so hard and gone through so much.

made me re-figure out my life a little bit. both of the thoughts.

it was really comforting. and possibly something i should have figured out a long time ago. but sometimes it takes a while for things to click, ya know?


Ana said...

ya. i know :) i think sometimes its not that we haven't realized it before, but that we have to re realize everything several times throughout our lives. thanks for the inspiration. love love <3

molly jane said...

Confession #1: I was linked from Emily's blog to yours and I fell a little bit in love with it..
Confession #2: I honestly felt like I should know you, but I couldn't figure it out!
I'm so glad you commented on my blog (and said such nice things) and of course I remember you! I loved our class oh so much.
I feel a lot less stalker-ish now that I know you...so thank you for that.

Jeff and Sarah said...

The place I have received most of my personal revelation is while taking a long hot bath or in particular cleaning the bathroom. Seriously, with my RS pres calling all the great stuff came to me when I was cleaning. It's because I am involved in nothing but my own thoughts and the lord can finally get through to this foggy brain of mine. Just think how much revelation you will get spending 3-4 hours a day cleaning bathrooms:)

Brady and McCall said...

Ah shoot it seems I keep re figuring out my life Kayleigh. That's the beauty of it right? I seem to get kind of stubborn and want things to go my way and am reminded all the time that that's not how it goes. Got to love it:)

Whitney Leigh said...

Maybe I should clean more bathrooms if it means I'll get revelations.